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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Answer to a "Simple Set of questions"

I promised answers in a week, and I am back after nearly 9 months. Apart from the usual "week" apologies (my excuse is a move to Bombay!), I will try to be more regular (some questions and answers once in 10 days). I got around 25 responses, nobody could identify the lady (Q5). I will skip the scores and stats, since I do not have the mails with me.

1. Identify the missing company: Agilent Technologies, Barnes Group, _________, Dominion Resources, Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi SpA, Ford Motor Company,...

A) Citigroup. These companies are the onwers of the single letter NYSE tickers - A, B, C, D, E & F. G, H, I & J are currently up for grabs.

2. Identify the parent organization of these famous companies: HBO, Tegix (predictive texting - T9), Mirabilis (ICQ), MapQuest, Nullsoft (Winamp), MAD magazine, New Line Cinema, Atlanta Braves (Major League Baseball team), DC Comics.

A) Time Warner.

3. This one is for Sumo. Connect Lisa Snowdon, Christa Miller and Priyanka Kapoor.

A) Cover girls for the first Maxim issues in UK, USA and India.

4. Lintas opened shop in India to service Hindustan Lever. Why did J Walter Thompson setup its Indian operations?

A) To service General Motors.

5. Identify the lady. Surname should suffice.

A) Anousheh Ansari standing next to the Spaceshipone. The Ansari X prize is named after her family.

6. This American company advertises that "they are _______, and everyone else's are just hot tubs". European immigrants, they started out by picking oranges and building small airplanes. They built a unique propeller known as the "toothpick". They built the first enclosed cabin monoplane. It was used by the U.S. Postal Service to carry passengers from the San Francisco Bay area to Yosemite National Park. Because of their knowledge and design experience in airplane hydraulics, they turned their attention to the need of the agricultual community for ground water and created a new design which won them a Gold Medal at the California State Fair in 1930. Fill in the blank.

A) Jacuzzi.

7. What was originally a wooden board or leather screen at the front of a horse-drawn vehicle to protect the driver and those sitting alongside from the mud splashed up by the horse's hooves?

A) Dashboard.

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